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Food Truck Menu Ideas to Make Your Business Stand Out

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Running a food truck business is not just about serving the best food in your area. It is also a game of creativity and wit to catch your market’s attention.

One of the ways to do so is to make your food truck menu stand out from the rest of the food truck businesses available in your location. 
You can count on food truck menu ideas to make more sales.

How to Make a Food Truck Menu

Creating your menu seems to be an easy task. But it requires crucial attention to detail.

It all starts with the proper structure, which shall be your foundation in arranging your menu offering.

Here are effective ideas for a food truck menu to help you get started.

Add photos

The first thing that will catch your customer’s eye is the photos. Strategically place images of your products where your clients can see them easily.

However, be careful in setting pictures—they should be unique, professionally taken, and are not stock images you randomly pulled from the internet. Make your photos as realistic as possible to meet your customer’s expectations. 

Avoid using currency signs

Did you know that placing currency signs in psychology affects one’s decision in placing an order? Dollar signs remind people of how much they are spending.

Unless mandated by the law, avoid placing currency signs and just place the prices in numbers

Write enticing food descriptions

Keep your menu copy clear with a little tinge of creativity. Place understandable adjectives that describe the experience of trying your food.

This allows your customers to be enticed by what you are offering. However, remember not to stuff your menu with lengthy and unnecessary words that may turn them off. 

Highlight promotions

Another simple food truck menu idea includes highlighting promotions for your food items.

Use promotions and incentives to welcome new customers and keep old ones returning. Ensure that these are easily seen, with attractive images, to entice more customers to check out your products. 

Make the menu noticeable

Another common mistake business owners miss when thinking of food truck menu board ideas is the wrong placement of menus

Your menu should catch attention even from afar. Position your menu strategically in your food truck to increase sales. 

Best Food Truck Menu Ideas for Your New Business Venture

Line of customers wait outside truck.

Are you planning to open a new business around your neighborhood? A food truck business can be an excellent idea. Check these menu ideas to help you get started.

Consider the gaps in your local food offerings

Research the culinary gaps in your area when thinking of menu food truck ideas. While many food trucks offer burgers, you may want to consider serving a different offering, such as ice cream or pies.

However, this does not necessarily mean that you should change your concept—it just serves as an opportunity to discover what’s lacking in your area and how you can bring a new taste to your neighborhood.

To try what product may get the most attention, experiment with unique food truck menu ideas by running specials for a limited time and collecting your customer’s feedback. 

Maximize your limited space with prep and commissary work

Food trucks operate in a limited space. Thus, everything you put into your area should be maximized. To save on space, you can consider getting commissary work to reduce the space you need in preparation for your products. 

Master your menu profitability, item by item

The cost of your supplies is always affected by the continuous rise of commodities due to inflation. Ensure that all menu ideas you offer bring you to profit up to the tiniest ingredient you will use. 

Incorporate A Popular Meal

While you have your food truck idea with a unique concept different from the rest, it won’t hurt to incorporate a popular meal in your neighborhood.

Having a popular meal, such as burgers and fries, hotdogs, and salad is one of the easy food truck menu ideas you can execute. It allows you to entice other customers who may not yet be familiar with your new concept, but they can try it on their next visit. 

Don’t skimp on your menu item descriptions

Choose the right words that attract the hungry customer’s tummy. Well-written descriptions are as important as images as they further support the message the photos try to convey. 

Don’t overcomplicate your menu’s ingredients

Choose only premium ingredients to capture your customer’s palate and stick with them. Of course, you can have a little creativity on the side and inject a few new elements, but don’t go overboard and complicate things just to impress. 

Get Seasonal With Your Menu

Take advantage of holidays and in-season products to entice your market. Create a seasonal menu, add a couple of new items to your existing menu, and launch a few promotions to excite your customers. 

Offer items at multiple price points

Present your menu with varying price ranges to give your customers flexibility in choosing their orders. This can be an incredible engagement idea for new customers who want to try a few items on the list without losing a considerable amount. 

Consolidate your ingredients

Get creative using your ingredients, primarily if you focus on one or two main elements. This tip helps you consolidate your procedures and make preparation easier. 

Don’t Forget About The Beverage Department

What is food without drinks? Include a set of beverage offerings on your menu to complete your customer’s orders. You can add a pop machine to your kitchen or make drinks, such as milkshakes, tea, and smoothies, for an added attraction.

What are some popular food truck concepts?

handsome young chefs looking at camera and smiling in a food truck.

Many famous food truck concepts have withstood the test of time. Well-known food truck concepts include ice creams, hot dogs, and burgers are always a great choice, especially if there is a lack of such in your location.

While these concepts are popular, it is best to check what needs to be added and see if these can be a hit. If you want to explore other unique options, you can try these food truck ideas that will attract new customers. 


Serving BBQ in your neighborhood is one of the best food truck menu ideas that are low-cost yet profitable. It can benefit a different mix of customers—from those having parties and late-night meals to ordinary dinners at home. 


There is a particular market for gourmet sandwiches and paninis lovers, as these can be served at any time of the day. Having a food truck for paninis gives customers the freedom to customize their orders, allowing more engagement. 


Offering something sweet in your neighborhood always catches the attention of people of all ages—from kids to seniors.

Dessert food trucks with menu items such as waffles and hot crepes allow a pleasant interaction between the customers and the servers, as they can choose a variety of toppings that delight them. 

How Many Items Should Be on a Food Truck Menu?

Food truck menu for street festival.

Your menu can make or break your food truck business. You should take time to carefully choose what to place on your menu even before you launch.

The question is, how many items should you include on your menu? While putting everything on your menu may be a good idea, an ideal number is between 6-12 food items only.

The food items should be your bestsellers, and the ones you may find special may spark the interest of your potential customers. 

Start your food truck venture today

Now that you already know menu ideas for a food truck, it’s time to put all your ideas to work.

Build your dream food truck business with Feed Wagons, Houston, Texas’ leading commercial truck manufacturers, who can help make your ideas a reality.

From developing a well-built food truck interior and a complete set mobile kitchen with equipment to creating an attention-grabbing menu, Feed Wagons have assisted many food truck owners in Texas in launching their business.

Even if you have a small capital dedicated to your operations, we can help you finance a lovely food truck to help you get started. Our financial partners provide the assistance you need while we work together towards building your new venture.
Talk to one of our representatives and get started with your food truck business today.


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