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Food Truck Repair in Houston, TX

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Don’t let a single glitch ruin your food truck business operations. Feed Wagons ensures that your truck is in good condition by giving you the best services for food truck repair in Houston, TX.

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Best Food Truck Repair Shop in Houston, Texas

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Starting a food truck business is a good mix of skills, love for food and significant money. A big chunk of your investment goes to the truck itself, leading business owners to get a secondhand one. However, while it can save you a lot of money, it may catch up on some problems soon.


Feed Wagons is here to assist you with all food trailer repair needs. When you discover a glitch on your truck or kitchen equipment, you can reach us to check on your vehicle immediately. Contact us today to book a schedule.

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Our Dependable Food Truck and Trailer Repair Services in Houston

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A problem on your food truck can get frustrating and worrisome, especially if you have to deal with it along with your day-to-day operations.

Some of the food truck repair service we offer include:


Food truck trailer hitch repair and replacement

A hitch is an integral part of connecting your vehicle to your trailer. We can repair the bolts in your car and provide replacements to hook them on your trailer.

Food trailer axle repair and replacement

Your axle may need to be checked if you hear unusual rumbling noise underneath your truck or loud noises when turning. A weak axle can affect your suspension and threaten your safety. We will check your rig’s alignment and make necessary replacements of damaged fasteners and other food truck parts to prevent untoward incidents.


Food trailer brakes

A problem with your brakes may result from the improper function of controllers, open circuits, and electric pool connections. We can look at your truck to find what’s causing the brakes to malfunction.

Car Suspension

Food trailer suspension

An overworked suspension can leave your truck unbalanced, causing your equipment to become unstable. It also creates danger when you overturn and may give the driver a hard time controlling the steering wheel.


With a well-maintained suspension, you’ll have a smoother ride and increased safety and stability. You will also save money from future repairs.

Male worker performing welding

Food truck and trailer welding repair

As you cater to more and more customers, you’ll have to add more equipment and other features to your truck which we can accomplish with welding services.


Food trailer wiring troubleshooting

One of the common problems with wiring is the malfunctioning of your trailer lights due to poor grounding connection.

We also offer food truck transmission repair and  food truck water system repair along with other services.

We also offer food truck transmission repair and  food truck water system repair along with other services.

Get a team ready to look into your concern anytime and can fix any issue immediately so it will not affect your business. Give us a call when you notice even the slightest struggle on your truck.

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Get back on the road faster with repairs from the top food truck repair contractor in Houston, Texas. Get in touch with our team of experts from Feed Wagons.
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Get Your Food Truck Ready for Health Inspections With Feed Wagons

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Before you drive away with your food truck and start serving food, you must secure permits from the Health Department.


You can lift this seemingly arduous task from your responsibility and let us handle the certifications you need for your business. We’ll make sure all repairs are done with quality so you will pass inspection without a problem.


Talk to our food truck repair specialists to assist you with the requirements you need for your business.

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Our Food Truck Repair & Maintenance Portfolio

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For years since we started Feed Wagons, we have already handed over numerous well-repaired food trucks and equipment to our valued clients who are confident in the quality of our work. We take pride in maintaining lasting relationships with our food truck partners as a reliable and honest service provider.

Benefits of Our Food Truck Repair Service in Texas

As one of the leading food truck repair services in Texas, we offer you our dedication to helping grow your business. As we value your trust, you are guaranteed a service that gives you value for money.


Enjoy these benefits when you get us as your food truck repair service provider. 

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Expert technicians.

We have a team of highly-skilled workers who are experts in conducting repair services.

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Years of experience.

With several years of proven work in providing services for truck repair in Texas areas, we can easily detect and resolve the problem immediately.

Dark Street Food Van Standing in the Evening

High-quality materials.

We take pride in using high-quality tools and materials to repair any damage on your truck because our priority is your and your customer's safety. Once we turn over your truck, we assure you that you'll drive away with no substandard material placed on your vehicle.

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Get your food truck up and running. Feed Wagons can help you with food truck repair service in Houston, Texas.
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Our Food Truck Repair Service Cost

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Our food truck repair cost varies from one project to another. We consider several factors before coming up with the service cost. It includes the type of service, materials needed for the repair, and the time frame we agreed upon.


Feed Wagons understands that a repair service can add to the overhead costs of your business. We are ready to help you expand your enterprise.


With a partnership with a trusted lender, we can devise a modified plan that is flexible to your financial capacity. Our mission is to help you continue your business by providing the repair service you need with the minimal financial burden on your part.

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Call one of our representatives today to get an accurate estimation and inquire about our financing plans.

Our Food Truck Repair Service Warranty

Our repairs are first-class, and we use top-of-the-line tools to work on them. Feed Wagons is known for catering truck repairs with a service warranty valid for one year. We can fix any issue within a reasonable amount of time.


Contact us if you have a question regarding the terms and conditions of our service warranty, and our customer representative will gladly assist you with your concerns.

Why Choose Feed Wagons As Your Food Truck Repair & Maintenance Service Provider in Houston, TX

If you need the best food truck repair provider in Houston, Texas, Feed Wagons is what you need.


Aside from creating different kinds of food trucks across the country, we are an equipped provider of high-quality repair services.

Male food vendor opening his food truck

Scheduled maintenance.

We'll guide you on coming up with a timeline of when you need to drop by our food truck repair shop for maintenance. It will only take a few days and can also schedule outside your open hours, so you don't need to lose a day's worth of income.

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Save on future hefty repair costs.

With a regular check-up, we assure you that your food truck will no longer have to deal with damages and malfunctions. This means you can set aside the budget for future expensive repair costs.

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Immediate customer service.

Whenever you spot a problem on your truck after our repair, give us a call, and we'll have our technician look into it in no time.


The main reason your food trailer can break down is an oversight in updating the annual trailer wheel bearing. You have to adhere to the annual replacement to avoid high repairs costs and trailer malfunction, especially during the hot season.

Our Free Way Trailer Safety Inspection is a complimentary service that covers examination of parts such as trailer jacks, couplers, wiring, leaf springs, wheel bearings, and many others. However, we will not be removing any components for a deeper look. If you want us to scrutinize your trailer’s parts beyond what is covered in our inspection, you can upgrade the service. Call us to know the inspection details and what covers our upgraded service.
Yes, we provide mobile food truck repair. We are just a call away if you need urgent help. If your truck suddenly stopped while on the road, book a schedule with us immediately, and we’ll arrange the transport of our technicians to your location.

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